Pack of dachshunds attacks, kills woman


CARTER COUNTY, Okla. – An Oklahoma woman was killed after she was attacked by her neighbor's dogs, which incredibly, were dachshunds.

52-year-old Tracy Garcia was mauled Thursday near an intersection in Ardmore by seven of the tiny dogs with short legs, reports WSB.

The dogs, which all weighed under 40 lbs., were believed to be a dachshund and terrier mix.

One of the dogs was killed after officials arrived at the scene of the attack, while the owner has asked that the remaining dogs be euthanized.

"This is a bad situation, a very unfortunate situation," Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant told KTEN. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the victims. This is just a bad deal all the way around."


Charges have yet to be filed against the owner, but the district attorney is considering whether to move forward with a case.