Never forgotten: Sgt. William Posch honored in St. Johns County memorial

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – A local airman will be recognized Sunday, months after he was killed in Iraq. 

Sgt. William Posch of Jacksonville Beach will be honored at a ceremony in St. Johns County.

Hundreds of white crosses will be placed in front of Celebration Lutheran Church on Roberts Road in St Johns County. The memorial pays tribute to all Florida soldiers who died serving our country.

A total of 350 crosses stand across the lawn at Celebration Lutheran Church. Row after row, the names and faces on each cross represent a life lost.

The smaller crosses honor Florida soldiers who died in Iraq and Afghanistan. The eight larger crosses recognize all who have sacrificed their lives since World War One. 

Staff Sgt. Carl Enis of Miami and Master Sgt. William Posch of Jacksonville Beach were recently added to the memorial. Both were killed in a helicopter crash in Iraq on March 15

“You know it is a very hard thing for all of us as friends, as well as his family and in our town to when we learned of what happened. But Billy was just basically an awesome individual,” said Chris Griffith, a longtime friend. He remembers how Posch put his heart and dedication into everything he did. 

He’s glad to see support pouring in from the community. 

“Any person that passes while on duty in our military is well deserved of recognition, but obviously hitting close to home- and knowing Billy personally, we all know it is very well deserved and we wouldn't think any different,” said Griffith.

During a tribute this weekend, members of Helping Hands of St Johns County will ring a commemorative bell as they read the names of each hero, one by one.

Sunday’s memorial begins at 3 p.m. It will take place at Celebration Lutheran Church on 810 Roberts Road.  

The memorial will stay in place until June 1st.

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