Proposed session in school funding appears dead


With Republicans lining up in opposition, a Democratic attempt to spur a special legislative session on education funding appeared dead Tuesday.

After a request by Democrats triggered the process, lawmakers are being polled this week about whether they want to hold a special session.

Three-fifths of the members of each Republican-dominated chamber must support the request for a special session to be held.

For the House, that means support from at least 70 of the current 117 members.

The Senate needs 23 yes votes from the current 39 members. But the Department of State released results late Tuesday afternoon that showed 52 House members opposed to a special session and 36 in favor.

Even if supporters could round up the remaining 29 votes --- which is highly unlikely --- they would fall short of the 70 votes needed in the House to hold a session.

In the Senate, 11 Democrats had supported holding a session, while nine Republicans had opposed it.

Lawmakers have until noon Thursday to vote.