Lang Creek Bridge construction near completion

Woodbine, Georgia, bridge damaged in hurricane could reopen soon

WOODBINE, Ga. – Relief is on the way for people in Woodbine, Georgia, who rely on Lang Creek Bridge. 

A major makeover is nearing completion and the bridge could be back open next month. 

The bridge, which crosses over Lang Creek on Lang Lane off Interstate 95, was destroyed during Hurricane Irma. Without it, neighbors had no choice but to drive miles out of their way just to get from point A to point B.

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Neighbors impacted by the damage are ready to have their bridge back. 

County leaders said the project could be ready in a few weeks as we near the 2018 hurricane season. 

Lang Creek Bridge already looks different, three months after the washout. For the last month or so, crews have been working around the clock, hammering away and putting the soon-to-be finishing touches on a newer, stronger bridge. Crews put in an approach slab Wednesday and will then put in guardrails next. The bridge is designed with re-stressed concrete, giving it a better chance of withstanding another storm.

"So far, it's been all smiles. Everybody has been real happy," said Shawn Boatright, Camden County Deputy Administrator.

Boatright has heard the concerns, and now the relief, from the six families impacted by the bridge closure.


"Not having access to the bridge was a big problem for neighbors. For many of them, it added 15 minutes onto their commute. Their mail couldn't be delivered. They had to go somewhere else to pick it up. Then, if there was an emergency, it meant having to wait longer to get help," said Boatright.

Kevin Lang was impacted by the damaged bridge and knows the struggle. He created the Facebook group "Lang Creek Bridge under construction".

To mark the progress that has been made, Lang was given the chance to add his own personal touch. 

Concrete slab with names of families impacted
Concrete slab with names of families impacted

He’s getting another special honor once the project is complete.

"We're actually looking to, within the next couple of weeks, have it to where we can have Mr. Kevin Lang drive over it. He's indicated that he wants to be the first person to drive over it, so we're going to
allow him to do that," said Boatright.

It’s bridging the gap… Woodbine style.

The project costs $256,200 with FEMA reimbursing the county for a portion of the bridge. The goal is for the bridge to be up and running by late June.

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