Plumbing, restroom issues force temporary closures of 2 St. Augustine eateries

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – Health inspectors cracked down on two restaurants in St. Augustine, ordering emergency closures over violations that had nothing to do with food, according to state regulators' records.

The state inspector made it clear to restaurant owners: No water, no way.

Augie's Dogs, a food truck in St. Augustine, didn't have a working sink during a routine inspection last week. Water was leaking from a supply tank outside instead of the faucet. The low water pressure, according to the report, meant employees couldn't properly wash their hands.

State records, as of Thursday morning, showed that Augie's Dogs was still closed.

The Dunkin' Donuts on A1A Beach Boulevard in St. Augustine Beach also had a brief closure last week.

The restaurant didn't have any pests or problems with food. But, according to state regulators' records, it didn't have any restrooms available during the inspection.

According to the inspection report, sewage would back up through the floor drain in the men's bathroom after flushing. 

The problem was plugged up by the inspector's next visit and Dunkin' Donuts reopened two hours later.