FEMA approves reimbursement grants for Hilliard, Putnam County

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Federal Emergency Management Agency has approved nearly $5 million in Hurricane Irma-related recovery projects for Florida communities, some of it to the town of Hilliard and to Putnam County.

The grants are provided through FEMA’s Public Assistance program, which reimburses communities for 75 percent of actions taken in response to and recovery from a disaster.

Putnam County will receive nearly $2.3 million will reimburse costs of debris removal and clearing streets.

More than $1 million to the Nassau County town of Hilliard will pay for repairs done to street culverts.
The state of Florida and FEMA work together to ensure all eligible costs are reimbursed for projects related to Hurricane Irma throughout disaster designated areas in of the state. FEMA has provided approximately $90 million to Florida communities through its Public Assistance program to reimburse Hurricane Irma-related expenses. 

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