Clay County deputies warning about increased car burglaries, thefts

29 guns taken from vehicles in 2018 as of Thursday, Sheriff's Office says


CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – Deputies with the Clay County Sheriff's Office warned residents Thursday about an increase in auto burglaries and thefts in recent weeks.

Investigators said the burglaries did not involve forced-entry and occurred to vehicles that were left unlocked. As of Thursday, 29 firearms were reported stolen to the Sheriff's Office in 2018.

Deputies emphasize all gun owners should remove their firearms from vehicles. Everyone is urged to keep valuables out of the car and their doors locked.

For comparison, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office reported Wednesday evening there were 90 auto burglaries in Duval County within the past seven days. More than half of the vehicles were unlocked, and six guns were reported stolen from the unlocked vehicles.

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