Overbooked flight leaves passengers stuck at Jacksonville International Airport

Timothy Procini was still at JIA hours after giving up seat for military veteran

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A number of passengers were left stranded Wednesday at the Jacksonville International Airport after a Frontier Airlines flight was overbooked. 

Passengers told News4Jax that they weren't notified that Flight 473, which was scheduled to depart JIA at 11:10 a.m. Wednesday for Denver, was overbooked until the plane was on the runway.

A Frontier Airlines spokesperson confirmed passengers did not find out about the overbooked flight until the plane was boarded. 

Passengers said they were offered $1,000 vouchers to give up their seats voluntarily. Among those who did so was Timothy Procini, who said that he gave up his seat to a military veteran.

"They came back and said they're overbooked and they asked if two people would give up their seats -- one for a child and one for a military guy," Procini said.  

He said the airline staff confirmed that he would receive a $1,000 voucher for doing so. 

But as of late Wednesday evening, Procini was still at JIA. 

Procini was headed to Phoenix for an emergency surgery scheduled Friday, and thought he would soon be on another flight. He then worried he wouldn't make it there in time.

"It’s for my kidneys. I have a kidney infection. I have kidney stones and it’s super painful. My insurance is in Phoenix. I can’t do anything outside of Arizona," Procini explained. 

According to the Frontier spokesperson, Procini will be back in Phoenix by Friday.

But he said he felt frustrated that the airline staff hasn't been available at the gate to offer a refund or accommodations for the inconvenience. 

The airline spokesperson said Procini volunteered to give up his seat and, therefore, does not receive hotel or food accommodations. 

"Treat your customers a little better," Procini said. "Charge a little more for your tickets so you can actually hire good employees."

The airline spokesperson also said Procini was emailed his $1,000 voucher for giving up his seat.