Middleburg neighborhood blames drainage problem for serious flooding

Clay County tried vacuuming debris from drain

MIDDLEBURG, Fla. – Heavy rain on Saturday left a Middleburg neighborhood on Parliament Court with serious flooding issues.

Residents blame the flooding on a drainage system near the area and said Clay County has sent crews to the drain to vacuum debris, but that flooding persists.

Holly Root said she's lived in the neighborhood for two years and has had up to 10 inches of flood water come through the walls of her home.

"My whole house flooded last year. My car flooded, my garage flooded, my property is getting ruined," Root said. "If I ever knew it flooded here I would have never bought it."

To make matters worse, residents tell News4Jax additional water flows down to their neighborhood from the retention pond at the Pinewood Presbyterian Church across the street on Knight Boxx Road.

Neighbors hope the county will do what it can to help resolve the drainage problem so they don't have to prepare for flooding every time the area gets heavy rain. 

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