At least a dozen cars broken into overnight in St. Nicholas area

Shattered glass litters parking lot of apartment complex after vehicle break-ins

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – There's a neighborhood crime alert in the St. Nicholas area of Jacksonville, where residents said at least a dozen vehicles were broken into overnight.

The car break-ins happened sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning at the Magnolia Point Apartments on Beach Boulevard at Parental Home Road.

Vivian Acevedo said a neighbor at the gated apartment complex woke her up Monday morning with bad news.

"The windows were shattered," Acevedo said. "They were ransacked -- not pretty."

She told News4Jax that her car, along with about a dozen others, were broken into overnight. People living at the apartment complex woke up to shattered glass littering the parking lot.

Acevedo doesn't know why her car was target. Although the thieves didn't take anything from inside her car, she said, it's still going to cost her.

"Money, time, a day off work -- it adds up," Acevedo said.

Some of her neighbors said they had valuables stolen from their vehicles. The police report did not show any description of the thief, or how many there may have been. 

"They (thieves) need to find something else to do," Acevedo said. "It looks like it might have been teenagers breaking windows and ransacking cars."

According to police, crimes such as vehicle break-ins typically increase during the summer. That's why it's important to always lock car doors, remove valuables from the car and park in a well-lit area.