Buying game, concert tickets through Snapchat

SeatGeek allows users to book tickets directly through app

You can now purchase game and concerts tickets through Snapchat after the social media platform teamed up with ticket-search engine SeatGeek.

Users can now get tickets directly from teams and artists by swiping up in Snapchat stories and selecting tickets they want to buy.

This gives teams and artists the opportunity to embed information into their posts, and connect with users who weren't necessarily planning to buy something.

The full purchase experience takes place without leaving the Snapchat app.

While the social media giant has started testing e-commerce features in the past few months, SeatGeek says this is the first ticket-buying experience built into the Snapchat app.

The Los Angeles Football Club was the first team to sell tickets through this integration, by posting a Snapchat Story (and a Snapcode on the team website) that allowed users to swipe up to buy tickets to the May 26 game. 

The ticket marketplace company said it's working with Snapchat to add more events.