Man hit by lightning, garage destroyed in Keystone Heights, deputies say

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – A Keystone Heights man is picking up what little is left after his garage burned to the ground.

Investigators say it was struck by lightning. It happened Saturday as thunderstorms rolled through the area.

"You can see the trees up there. They were above them," said homeowner Carl Garnett. 

Garnett wasn't home when investigators say a lightning strike sent a neighbor to the hospital and Garnett's garage up in flames.

"Neighbors said it was so intense they could see it down on 214," said Garnett. 

The biggest casualty of the massive fire is Garnett's collection of classic cars and motorcycles. He valued that collection at around $1 million. 

"Custom paint job ... paint job no more," said Garnett.


GALLERY: Cars destroyed in fire caused by lightning strike.