Experts warn of increase in snakes biting dogs

The rainy weather plays a huge factor

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There has been an increase in snakes biting dogs in June, a local veterinarian tells News4JAX, and this problem could continue to grow. 

June and July are the worst months for snake bites, Michal Harris with Sixth Street Vet in Macclenny said.

This has to do with the warmer and rainier weather this time of year. 

Snakes are more active during the Spring and Summer months, including three venomous types: Rattlesnakes, Coperheads, and Water Moccasins. They need sunlight to heat up their metabolism.

"Just be on the lookout," advised Dr. Christian Broadhurst, the Senior Staff Veterinarian with Clay Humane. "Your dogs are much closer to the ground than you are. They are looking. They are sniffing and they are going to come into contact with these things first."

If your dog is bitten by a snake you are advised to make a mental note of of the size and coloring of the snake. That information can be used to save your dog's life. Then get the animal to a veterinarian right away.

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