Women say they were racially profiled at Florida Walgreens

MIRAMAR, Fla. – Crystal Davis and Santanna Neal walked into a Walgreens in Miramar to get some beauty supplies. They both left feeling they were racially profiled, according to a report from WPLG in Miami.

A cellphone video posted to Instagram by Davis shows a Miramar police officer searching their bags in the Walgreens near Miramar Parkway and South University Drive on Tuesday night. 

In her post, Davis wrote, "Just being racially profiled at Walgreens."

Davis said she and Neal were being followed and watched over by an employee as they shopped.

"As soon as we walked in the store, we kept hearing the alerts, 'Security check the floor," Davis said.

After making their purchase, they were stopped by officers as they were walking to their car.

"We were just rushed by three officers," Davis said. 

Davis said the officers said they had received a report that someone was stealing, to which she had a quick response.

"‘How?" Davis said. “'Here's our bags. Here's our receipt.'"

Davis said the officers didn't find any stolen items and they were told they could leave. 

Still, Davis and Neal want this to be brought to the attention of Walgreens.

"It was like a profiling situation from the very beginning," Davis said. 

Walgreens has been in contact with the women, and the Miramar Police Department is also aware of the issue, adding the women voluntarily provided their bags to be searched.