53 rodent droppings, 30 flies found in St. Augustine restaurant

In Jacksonville, roaches discovered in sushi, pizza restaurants

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – From sushi to pasta and pizza, this week's Restaurant Report cooked up a range of selections for foodies.

But you may want to put your fork down after you hear what inspectors found.

News4Jax fished through pages of health reports and reeled in three restaurants in St. Augustine and Jacksonville that didn't make the grade.

Italian restaurant in St. Augustine

The Amici Italian Restaurant on South A1A in St. Augustine closed for two days after rodents and roaches made a special appearance during an inspector's visit. 

INSPECTION REPORTS: Amici Italian Restaurant

According to the inspection report, 53 dry rodent droppings were found near the pizza station and storage rack, and 11 live roaches and 30 flies were found in the kitchen.

The bugs are gone but not all the violations. Amici Italian is due for a follow-up inspection. 

Westside sushi restaurant

Sushi Yee Take Out on 103rd Street, in the Jacksonville Heights neighborhood on the city's Westside, tanked a routine inspection last week with four major violations.


It shut down for a day after nine live roaches and eight dead roaches were spotted in the kitchen.

The staff wasted no time in cleaning up. Sushi Yee proudly reopened the next day without any critical violations.

Jacksonville pizza place

A recent inspection at a pizza place on Bowden Road in Jacksonville led to a five-day shutdown.

According to state regulators' records, Selvino's Pizza had to throw away food because dead roaches were found in pizza toppings. The restaurant had 38 violations and more than double the amount of critters. The health department shut it down.


According to an inspection report from last week, 94 live roaches were found on the restroom floors, walls, and throughout the kitchen and restaurant.

The inspection report shows about 25 dead beetles were spotted in the restroom and three live beetles were found in the kitchen. Twelve flies also buzzed their way into the kitchen. 

Diced tomatoes, garlic and oil had to be thrown out because they were contaminated by dead roaches.

The restaurant couldn't reopen until it took care of the mess. It passed the inspector’s report and opened five days later. 

News4Jax called the restaurant three times, seeking its side of the story. Each time, an employee said the manager wasn't there and that they had no comment.