Arlington residents on edge after string of shootings

People living at Cimarron Apartments say they're worried about safety

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – There have been three shootings in the last month at or near an apartment complex in the Arlington area of Jacksonville. 

Since late May, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said, three men have been injured in three separate shootings in the area of Cimarron Apartments on Arlington River Drive, just south of the Arlington Expressway.

Tenants told News4Jax on Tuesday that they're worried about their safety.

People who have lived at Cimarron Apartments for years said that the complex has never seen violence as bad as recently, and crime scene tape has become an all-too-familiar sight.

“This is the most gun activity that we’ve had around here in the Cimarron Apartments since I’ve been living here," said a man who only identified himself as John.

On May 28, police said, a man was shot in the leg while walking on the sidewalk outside Cimarron Apartments. 

On June 12, according to police, a man was shot in the neck at the apartment complex.

The most recent shooting was Sunday, when police said a man was shot in the head at the complex.

John said he heard the gunshot that struck a man outside his window Sunday.

“That could have been one shot through my window," he said. "I’m a target just walking around in my house.”

According to tenants, management has not notified them about the last few shootings.

“I don’t know if they’re just not wanting to accept accountability or responsibility for it, but we live here and we feel it’s a part of their duty to not only make sure that we’re safe, but keep us aware of what's going on," said one tenant who asked to remain anonymous. 

According to the JSO crime mapping tool, there have also been six assaults and two burglaries reported in the last month within a half-mile radius of the apartment complex. 

John said all of the men who have been shot were young.

"Form a gym or something -- something positive for them to do," he said.

He said changes need to be made so he and his neighbors can sleep better at night. 

Neighbors also told News4Jax that there has been three different managers within the last year. 

News4Jax went to the management office for comment, but no one was there.

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