Florida man hitches ride on hood of car speeding in Miami

Only in Florida


MIAMI, Fla. – You're not going to believe this... 

A Florida man was captured riding on the hood of a woman's car going 70 mph Sunday night on Interstate 95 in Miami.

One driver filmed the whole episode, saying he could see the other driver and the man on the hood having a conversation. "Bro, she's definitely pissed off right now," the man recording said. 

Twitter user @danimidah posted the video on social media, and it has since gone viral. News4Jax edited the video because it contained profanity. 

At some point, the driver is forced to exit, leaving the whereabouts of the man unknown. The video has people scratching their heads. 

***Side note: Do not use your cell phone while driving. We do not support this behavior.*** 


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