Police searching for two men caught on camera stealing from unlocked cars

One victim lost more than $1,000 worth of belongings in robbery


MANDARIN, Fla. – There is a neighborhood crime alert from Mandarin where two men were caught on surveillance video walking up to car doors and checking to see if they were unlocked.

One victim, Roy Walsh, who lives on Faulst Court, said the men stole more than $1,000 worth of his belongings. 

"They stole my jewlery, my watch, my backup wallet and certain equipment," said Walsh. 

Walsh said his Xfinity cameras captured images of two people walking up to his car door and checking the handles to see if the doors were unlocked. 

"We haven't been able to stop the people from coming back. They came back again," said Walsh. 

He said the two men took off with several of his belongings, leaving him with a practically empty car. 

The thieves came back again as if once wasn't enough. Walsh said the surveillance cameras didn't keep them away. 

"It definitely shows their face. The first person came really close to the camera. You can tell he is a Caucasian male," said Walsh. 

Although the thieves were caught on camera both times, Walsh feels they could strike again. He's reminding neighbors to lock their doors. 

Police are currently investigating.