Inland storms fade this evening, muggy overnight

Jacksonville's weather forecast looks wetter later this week.


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Today was HOT! We topped out in the low 90s with heat index temperature around 110°. The dry air and decent sea breeze should keep our coastal counties dry this evening. Slow moving storms are expected in Southeastern Georgia, and along and to the West of Highway 301 in Northeastern Florida.

Tonight will be muggy, with overnight temperatures sinking down into the mid to low 70s. 

Tuesday will be hot again, topping out in the mid 90s. Expect a 30% chance to get rained on, especially after 4p.m.

The heat continues into Wednesday, which should top out at 95°, with a 40% chance to see afternoon showers and storms. 

Thursday's chances for rain get back down into the isolated range, with a 30% chance. Afternoon highs will hit 94°.

Friday will be  a scorcher, topping out at 95° with a 40% chance for showers.

The weekend will only top out in the low 90s, but it comes with significant chances for afternoon showers and thunderstorms. 


Hourly Forecast:
5 pm 92 - 30%
8 pm 86 - 10%
10 pm 82

​Sunrise: 6:26 am
Sunset: 8:31 pm

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