Northbound I-95 exit ramp to Atlantic Boulevard opens

Ramp part of Overland Bridge project, which is nearing completion

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The new Atlantic Boulevard exit from northbound Interstate 95 opened Wednesday as part of the Overland Bridge Replacement Project, the Florida Department of Transportation announced.

The exit ramp was scheduled to open Monday morning. But because some of the road work had not been completed by then, the opening was delayed for two days

The Atlantic Boulevard exit, the last major piece of the puzzle for the Overland Bridge project, is expected to be a source of relief for drivers who travel daily through the San Marco neighborhood.

The exit ramp was the latest road project to fall behind schedule, joining the Overland Bridge project, which has taken two years longer than anticipated and $6 million more than its $164 million budget.

The state Department of Transportation attributed some of the delays and additional costs on that project to intersection work and a ramp that were not included in the project's original scope.

Pavement, sign installation and painting are some of the odd jobs that are still in the works for the Overland Bridge project. The state Department of Transportation hopes to wrap up that project within the next month.

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