Residents believe same thieves working Mandarin neighborhoods

Crime alert: Jacksonville police urge people to lock their cars, homes

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A serious of burglaries in Mandarin has concerned residents comparing videos and believing the same young men are preying on their neighborhoods. 

After video of a man with a gun walking up to the front door of a home near Hood Landing and Plummer Grant roads was shown on News4Jax Monday night, others who live in in the area think they've spotted the same young man canvassing their neighborhoods in recent weeks.

One woman said she's convinced these same thieves targeted her car and those of her neighbors as they slept. She described them as brazen and bold.

We've obtained video of what might have been that man and another stealing cars on Joseph Creek Drive, off Old St. Augustine Road, early last month. Then, two young men were caught on camera ransacking cars on Faust Court the weekend of June 24.

All three burglaries appear to fit the same pattern: An SUV drops off two young man -- possibly teenagers -- who pulls on the door handles of cars, looking to see if they're locked. If one opens, they use a flashlight to search the vehicle for valuables.

One video shows one of the burglars appear to suspect that they're being recorded. One pulls something over his face and walks up to the front door to get a better look. The two then give up, casually walking away.

One woman said they took blank checks and keys from her vehicle. Roy Walsh said they stole more than a thousand dollars worth of stuff from his vehicles.

"They stole my jewelry, my watch, my backup watch and certain equipment," Walsh said.

The Ring doorbell camera video News4Jax showed Monday clearly shows a young man holding a gun walking up to the front door to see if it's unlocked. It wasn't. Neighbors says he and another man rummaged through cars in the neighborhood before leaving. 

If you recognize the men caught on camera, call the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office at 904-630-0500 or CrimeStoppers at 855-845-TIPS.

When ask about these and other burglaries, police remind everyone to lock the doors of their cars and homes and keep valuables out of site. Thieves keep doing it because they know many people don't.



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