Jury duty scam making rounds again in Camden County

CAMDEN COUNTY, Ga. – A scam artist is trying to take advantage of Camden County citizens by posing as a sheriff's deputy, and the sheriff's office wants you to be aware.

Deputies said the caller uses the name of a sheriff's office employee and that the number appears on caller ID as the Camden County Sheriff’s Office main office number of 912-510-5100.

The scammer tells the resident that they didn't appear for jury duty and then threatens arrest if the person doesn't forward money to a certain location via Western Union or other money transfer business.

"The Camden County Sheriff’s Office DOES NOT make telephone calls to anyone regarding active warrants. If you receive a telephone call of this type, it is a scam," deputies said in a news release. "Hang up the telephone and notify law enforcement regarding this type of activity."

Active arrest warrants are served in person by a peace officer, not by a telephone call instructing on how to pay a fine or avoid arrest.