Dumb Floridians? Blame the hot weather

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MIAMI – We admit it. 

At times, us Floridians ain't the sharpest tools in the shed, and definitely not the brightest bulbs in the lamp; but hey, now there's something we can blame for that!

According to researchers at Harvard University (that's a smart folks school), a person's brain works 13 percent slower when it is operating in extreme heat.

Guess what? It's really hot in Florida, like, all... the... time.

According to WBZ, the team of Harvard brainiacs studied 44 college students in Boston during a heat wave. Half were living in air-conditioned dorms at the time, the other half were sweatin' to the oldies.

When taking math and memory tests, those that lived in non-air-conditioned buildings performed 13 percent worse than those that we're chillin' in their dorms.

So go be dumb, South Florida. Eat a Hot Pocket right out of the oven, or carry that 20-foot metal pole outside in a thunderstorm.

We'll cover for you, folks. It's not your fault.