News4Jax clarifies confusion over door-to-door visits in Fleming Island

Residents contacted I-TEAM after FHIA employees said they were with News4Jax

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FLEMING ISLAND, Fla. – The I-TEAM wants to take a moment and personally thank residents in Fleming Island in Clay County who contacted us immediately Wednesday as employees working for a local business were going door-to-door identifying themselves as being with News4Jax.

The employees who visited your homes Wednesday work for Florida Home Improvement Associates, or FHIA, which does have a partnership with Channel 4 in our project Hurricane House Calls. That project is to help local residents prepare their homes for the hurricane season. To be clear, neither John Gaughan nor Rebecca Barry were going door-to-door. The FHIA employees were, but do not work for News4Jax. We apologize for any confusion FHIA employees caused.

There is nothing to worry about as FHIA is a legitimate door and window business. As part of the partnership with News4JAX, FHIA was helping to identify residents who were willing to participate in our Hurricane House Calls program as we all ready for the busy time of hurricane season.

The News4JAX I-TEAM wants to thank those who reached out to us -- you provided the opportunity to ease any concerns you may have had.  If you’d like a free inspection of your home to determine if you are indeed ready for hurricane season please contact us at (904) 399-4000.  

Please feel free to share this story with any of your friends and neighbors and if you have additional questions or concerns, or another story you’d like us to investigate, please email us or call or text our I-TEAM hotline at 479-NEWS.

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