Maggots, rodents, roaches infest 4 Jacksonville-area restaurants

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A steak and lobster dinner sounds like a great night out, but you'll want read what state health inspectors recently found before you chow down.

Four restaurants in the Jacksonville area were marked with serious health violations in this week's Restaurant Report. 

Bai Tong Thai Sushi

In St. Augustine, Bai Tong Thai Sushi on A1A, south of Floridian Avenue, was cited for 10 live roaches, two dead roaches and six flies under the sushi bar. 


More insects were found flying around the kitchen. 

The inspector forced it to shut down, but only for a few hours. The restaurant reopened once the unwanted guests were exterminated.

Benny's Steak and Seafood

Benny's Steak and Seafood on Independent Drive in downtown Jacksonville also shut down for a few hours. Six live roaches and two rodents were spotted during the inspector's visit.

INSPECTION REPORTS: ​Benny's Steak & Seafood

The staff managed to knock out 14 violations within hours. The restaurant reopened after meeting inspection standards.

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Two Cooking Cousins

In big bold letters, the Two Cooking Cousins takeout restaurant proudly serves wings, fish, shrimp, desserts and so much more.

But it might be so much more than you bargained for, according to state inspectors.


The restaurant on West 45th Street in the Moncrief area of Northwest Jacksonville was flagged with an emergency closure last week.

According to state regulators' records, three high-priority violations were issued for 15-20 maggots and roach droppings found on a plate under the prep table. Thirteen live roaches and six dead roaches also caught the inspector's eye.

The report was a shock to Angle Wu, a spokesperson for the restaurant.

"Our restaurant is clean," Wu said. "It's just that sometimes things happen and unfortunately it happened to us on this particular day."

After four visits from the inspector, the restaurant did pass its inspection and reopen.

Olympia Cafe

In Atlantic Beach, the Olympia Cafe on Mayport Road had bigger fish to fry with 23 violations.

Health inspectors found 11 dead roaches and close to 30 live bugs crawling inside the kitchen and lobby. Each follow-up inspection uncovered more roaches. 


The cafe was given a temporary emergency closure last Friday. 

At last check, Olympia Cafe was still closed. The manager could not be reached for comment.