Employee 'ghosting' spooking business owners

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – You’ve probably heard of ghosting -- where people go out on a date and never hear from that person again. Well, it’s something that’s become more common in the professional world. 

People are landing an interview or a job and then turn into a no-show. 

Business owners and staffing agencies say they are dealing with “employee ghosting” now more than ever before. 

“What they do is they will call us, and call us, they will say I need a job… We set them up for an interview and then they are a no-show,” said Rose Conry, CEO of StaffTime.

She believes social media and the internet are to blame.

“There are things now where they don’t have to have personal relationships as much. So it is easier for them to just say OK I’m just not going to call them back and have that awkward conversation,” Conry said.

People who may have been ghosted after a first date might be able to relate.

“If they find something better out there within a day or within an hour, they take that. If that doesn’t work out, they come back and they want to talk to you again,” Conry added.

One local business owner says he knows the feeling of being ghosted all too well.

“Yeah, people not showing up to work, people not showing up to first days of employment, interviews, stuff like that-yeah absolutely,” said the owner who preferred to remain anonymous. 

He explained he’s noticed an uptick of people ghosting over the last two years or so.

“It is extremely irritating. You know, you think you can count on someone and they don’t show up and it’s already tough to look forward to training a new employee, but then have to deal with them not showing up and then hoping to find somebody or another decent option is challenging.”

It’s a challenge businesses in our community are facing more than most people realize.

One of the main issues business owners face is reliability- counting on people to show up for work and actually do their job without taking advantage of the market.

National unemployment rates

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, national unemployment rates hit an 18-year low in May at 3.8%. Meanwhile, people are quitting their jobs at the fastest rate since 2001- at 2.4%.

Florida is right on the mark with the national numbers when it comes to unemployment. In Jacksonville, the numbers are even lower at 3.1%.

These numbers are affecting businesses in our community - leaving some local companies in a tough spot when it comes to finding people to work.

“Not that long ago, you had several people in line waiting for an opportunity to come to work. These days, you’re hoping that somebody walks in the door wanting a job,” a local business said. It’s affecting his business and their quality of work. “I mean, there was a time where someone no calls or no showed more than once or twice.”

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