Jacksonville yoga studios on alert following theft

Women spotted at Everbalance before Red Skies Yoga, owner says


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Two women caught on surveillance camera stealing from a Jacksonville yoga studio were also spotted at another local studio the same day acting suspiciously, a business owner said Monday.

A yoga studio posted photos of the women they said were responsible on Facebook, but because police have not explicitly said those women are charged with a crime, News4Jax has blurred their faces.

The women walked into Everbalance Wellness Studio and something didn’t seem right, said Tetyana Boyeva, the Everbalance business owner.

And this took place hours before the pair were caught on video stealing from a Red Skies Yoga customer just last week.

“I got kind of suspicious right away, because first of all, they were very in your face ... and they wanted to know exactly the time of the beginning of the class and the ending of the class and they were also kind of looking around the lobby, too,” Boyeva said.

A police report said the women did the same thing at Red Skies Yoga, walking in just a minute before the start of a class, acting as if they were interested in the class and then pacing around the lobby.

One of the women then found a yoga client’s car keys and stole her purse out of her car, police said.

“We were shocked that, OK, we are really not safe and we need to take measures to protect ourselves and to protect our clients from people like that,” Boyeva said.

Boyeva is now implementing more safety measures at her studio.

“Now we are really conscious of everyone who is coming through that door,” Boyeva said. “We have their picture, first of all, and second of all, you can really tell if someone is interested in yoga when they come (here).”

She hopes the next time the women walk into a yoga studio, they’ll actually take a class.

Boyeva added that the women who walked into Everbalance last week also weren’t wearing typical yoga attire, an additional red flag.

Anyone with information about the women is asked to call the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

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