Scattered showers and thunderstorms push through this afternoon

Jacksonville's weather forecast looks rainy this week


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Scattered showers and thunderstorms are pushing East-Northeast across our area from the Gulf. They will approach Highway 301 between 2-3p.m. and I-95 between 3-5p.m. We have the possibility of heavy rainfall again this afternoon and evening, even though the storms are expected to be moving through more so than yesterday, we have plenty of moisture available in our atmosphere to produce heavy rain. 

They should be pushing offshore between 6-8p.m. with only isolated, lighter showers left over. Any remaining rain will fade as we dry out overnight. 

Tuesday starts out partly sunny (in between partly cloudy and mostly cloudy) with Southerly winds continuing to pump tropical moisture across our area. Expect temperatures to rise into the upper 80s and low 90s for an afternoon high. Expect 70% chances for showers and thunderstorms, building particularly between 3-7p.m. We expect average rainfall totals to range between a tenth of an inch and a quarter of an inch - some stronger thunderstorms may produce heavier rainfall. 

Wednesday the wetter weather pattern continues with a partly sunny start, temperatures warming into the upper 80s, and 70% chances for showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening hours. 

Thursday and Friday our afternoons will be plagued by widespread shower and thunderstorms. Expect afternoon highs in the upper 80s and low 90s. 

Our Southerly winds finally change for the weekend, they shift to become Easterly, which will dry us out. Over the weekend the partly cloudy skies return. Expect afternoon highs in the low to mid 90s, with limited chances for afternoon storms, between 30-40% chances. The Easterly winds will keep our coastal areas completely dry, with an inland concentration of isolated storms. 


Hourly Forecast:
3 pm 88 - 50%
5 pm 86 - 60%
8 pm 82 - 30%
10 pm 80 - 20%
11 pm 79 - 10%

Sunrise: 6:43 am
Sunset: 8:21 pm​​​

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