Roaches found at steakhouse and Jacksonville marketplace

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Roaches and rat droppings are just a few of the things that forced two Jacksonville restaurants to temporarily close.

Cross Creek BBQ and Steakhouse

How do you like your steak cooked? Whether it's rare, medium or well-done, it probably doesn't involve roaches. But that's exactly what was found inside one Westside steakhouse, according to state regulators' records.

It was the first emergency closure at Cross Creek BBQ and Steakhouse on Lane Avenue.


According to state inspectors, it was forced to close for a few hours after a surprise visit uncovered 14 live roaches inside the kitchen.

It didn't take long to kick the bugs out. The restaurant passed a follow-up inspection in just a few hours.

Market Place #3 at Ramona Flea Market

Inspectors also briefly shut down Market Place #3 on Ramona Boulevard in Jacksonville.

Marker Place #3 at the Ramona Flea Market was temporarily closed last week because of 16 live roaches, three dead roaches and 35 rodent droppings, according to state regulators' records.


The staff declined to go on camera, but sent the following statement:

The Ramona Flea Market management team was made aware of the specific issues during the inspection and took immediate action to resolve them. We had a re-inspection on August 3, 2018 and are in full compliance with all Division of Hotels and Restaurants business and professional regulations."

The spot reopened after meeting inspection standards.