Arlington sidewalk cleared before students head back to school

Parents were concerned about overgrown sidewalk along Lone Star Road


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The city came through just in time for a Jacksonville neighborhood that has been pleading for their kids’ dangerous route to school to be made safe again.

Parents were concerned about a sidewalk with 4-foot weeds and other hazards along Lone Star Road in Arlington. Parents said they were worried the overgrown sidewalk could force children into the busy roadway during their walk to and from school.

Neighbors said they had been contacting the city for help, but nothing happened until Friday.

With school starting in Duval County this Monday, city workers were out in force to clear away overgrowth and make the sidewalk safe again -- something Community Family Fellowship Pastor Howard Gunter has been fighting for.

“It was impassable on this side, or all blocked in some places, which means that anyone walking in the sidewalk has to walk out into the street a little bit and mosey up here," Gunter said. "This is a busy street, as you can see, and it’s not fair to children to wade through that kind of garbage anyway.”

Gunter thanked neighbors for continuing to push for this cleanup, and thanked the city for coming through in time for back-to-school.