Mail-in ballots continue pouring in

Absentee Ballots
Absentee Ballots

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – More than a half-million people have already voted in the Aug. 28 primary elections, with Republicans maintaining an edge over Democrats in returning vote-by-mail ballots, according to figures updated Friday morning by the Florida Division of Elections.

Nearly 2.5 million ballots have been mailed out to voters. Republicans had returned 238,051 ballots, compared to 198,631 by Democrats, according to the new figures.

Another 71,507 had been completed by people without party affiliation and another 1,966 by people registered with third parties.

The Division of Elections reported that Pinellas, Broward and Miami-Dade counties have each had more than 40,000 ballots returned, with Republicans holding slight leads in each county.

The last day for voters to request vote-by-mail ballots is Aug. 22, and the last day for supervisors to send out the ballots is Aug. 24.

Voters can also pick up vote-by-mail ballots from election supervisors up to the day before the election.