Disturbing dashcam video shows kitten thrown into oncoming traffic

David Breshears was driving on busy I-295 when his camera captured incident

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Disturbing dashboard camera video shows a kitten being thrown out of a moving vehicle in the middle of busy Interstate 295 near the Argyle Forest area of Jacksonville.

The man whose dashcam recorded the video Thursday morning on I-295 near the Blanding Boulevard and Collins Roads exits said the kitten, unfortunately, did not survive. 

“I was pretty heartbroken, you know, just thinking about (how) anyone in the world could think to do that," said David Breshears, who provided his dashcam footage to News4Jax.

Breshears said he was driving with his family when he saw the driver of a truck throw the kitten out of the truck and into oncoming traffic on I-295.

“Sad thing is I had all my kids in the car and they ended up having to see it too," Breshears said. "My oldest is pretty broken up about it, and the only thing she wants to do now is go to every animal shelter and hold them all.”

Breshears turned his car around to check on the kitten, but it was too late. 

"I got to my house pretty quick and started crying right here in the driveway. Just the idea that anyone would have the heart to do that is rather disgusting. They need to be behind bars," he said. "They deserve the full punishment that they can get for the cruelty."

Breshears said he has been in contact with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, and police are investigating.

Though he wasn't able to get the truck's license plate number, Breshears hopes someone will recognize the truck and call police. 

News4Jax has chosen not to show the full video because it is too graphic.

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