NRA wins lawsuit in Washington state on gun control initiative

Judge rules signature sheets don't comply with state law


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A judge in Thurston County, Washington ruled in favor of the National Rifle Association to prevent measure I-1639 from appearing on the ballot.

The judge agreed with the NRA that signature sheets did not comply with state law. The font size was too small to be readable and didn't include strikethroughs.

I-1639 called for:

  • The creation of a gun registry for any transfers of commonly owned semiautomatic rifles.
  • Introduces a 10-business day waiting period on the purchase of semiautomatic rifles.
  • Imposing criminal liability on gun owners who fail to store their firearms to state standards.
  • Increasing the age to possess or purchase semiautomatic rifles from 18 to 21
  • Mandating training prior to purchase
  • Authorizing a $25 fee on semiautomatic purchases.

Chris W. Cox, executive director, NRA  told mynorthwest.com, "The National Rifle Association is glad to see the court recognize how negligent, if not worse gun control advocates were in their signature-gathering for this ill-advised ballot initiative."

Washington state Secretary of State Kim Wyman released this statement.

"No matter the issue, this office has a long track record of protecting people's constitutional right to initiative and referendum. Whenever questions are raised about petitions submitted by initiative-backers facing a statutory deadline, my office has consistently acted accordingly."

"I want to thank Judge Dixon for ruling on this matter in time for the state and counties to begin printing ballots for the November General Election. With the guidance now provided to us by the court, we can proceed with the election preparations on schedule."

The ballot initiative is likely to be appealed to the state Supreme Court.