Nassau County shark sightings raise concern

Recent sightings come as FWC looks to get input on shore-based shark fishing

Several shark sightings along the Northeast Florida coast have led to some concern among beachgoers. 

Two of the shark sightings were in Fernandina Beach. In one case, a 10-foot hammerhead shark was caught in American Beach in Nassau County.

A woman also posted on Facebook photos of shark that washed ashore in Fernandina Beach.

The shark sightings come as the topic of shark fishing is front and center for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Wildlife officials hope to get input from the public, including questions and concerns, before taking that input to the state, where new regulations could be proposed.

The debate centers around whether shark fishing is good for wildlife, whether it’s safe for beachgoers and whether it needs to be more heavily regulated.

“If they have a concern, we want to hear it. If they’re concerned about the species, we want to hear it," said Amanda Nalley with FWC. "You know, we know that sharks are out there, whether you’re fishing for them or not. But we do want to make sure that we’re gathering that input, and we do understand that there is a concern there.”

The public can provide that input on shore-based shark fishing at a workshop Tuesday night. 

The workshop will be on the Jacksonville University campus in the auditorium from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.