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Suspected pregnant porch pirate arrested in package theft

Video shows woman swiping box outside Jacksonville home

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A woman was caught on camera stealing a package from the front porch of a home in Jacksonville's Hickory Creek neighborhood.

The surveillance video shows a woman, who appears to be pregnant, taking the Amazon package in broad daylight off Matt Spatara's front porch Wednesday afternoon.

"I checked the tracking on Amazon and it said that it had been delivered," Spatara said. "My wife said that she never got it, so I went through my camera footage and found out that it was taken."

A woman could be seen looking around as she walked towards Spatara's home. She then took the package off the porch and ran away from his house.

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Neighbors helped police identify the suspected thief. Spatara said she happens to live in his neighborhood.

He took a picture of the woman police arrested while she was in handcuffs, after officers invited Spatara to witness the arrest at her home.

Fortunately, Spatara got his stolen items back.

"A set of Bluetooth headphones for myself, and we have two friends that are expecting children and there was some onesies as gifts for them," Spatara said.

"So conveniently, there were baby items in the box?" News4Jax Reporter Corley Peel asked.

"Yup, and the perpetrator appears to be pregnant," Spatara said.

The homeowner said the suspect thief actually apologized as he watched her get arrested and even asked if she could just give him his package back.

The arrest report had not been released at the time of writing.

News4Jax went to the suspect's house for comment, but was turned away by "no trespassing" signs.

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