UNF enforcing new guidelines on campus alcohol consumption

University announces changes to alcohol and drug policy

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – As the first week of classes wrapped up, the University of North Florida announced new guidelines to curb alcohol-related disturbances on campus.

On Friday, the university notified students, faculty and staff of changes to the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy in a message that reads:

In the spirit of student well-being, changes are being made to ensure that students have the best UNF experience as possible, in the classroom and around campus. This means providing a positive atmosphere for the campus community. The guidelines of the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy have been undergoing review since February, with the chair of the UNF Board of Trustees and campus leaders. The re-written guidelines can be found here. These changes are part of a comprehensive approach to provide our students with a healthy and safe campus."

According to the new policy, alcoholic beverages can’t be served, possessed or consumed in parking lots, parking garages, dorms and other areas of the campus.

At UNF's soccer game Friday night, News4Jax asked students about the university's new alcohol and drug policy.

Freshman Hannah Schnieder believes it was needed.

“I think it’s a good idea, especially because a lot of freshmen and underclassman end up failing out of school because of that reason," Schneider said. "So I think it’s a safer way to make people more focused in school."

Some students said they support it, while others said it's too strict.

“At least there was one space, one private space where I could drink, but I guess they had problems. That’s why they are restricting," Kilian Le Foille said.

According to students, excessive drinking on campus has been an issue in the past. 

“I lived on campus for two years and I’ve dormed with people that have (gotten) to the point where it's gone beyond their five senses," student Moises Meza said. 

Schneider, added, “I do see a fair amount of it so I think any less would be better."

She said she's optimistic that UNF’s new alcohol policy will make the school a safer place to live and learn. 

There are some exceptions to the policy, including functions that serve alcohol on campus. But event organizers must submit an alcoholic beverage approval form two weeks before the function. 

Click here to read the university's alcohol policy guidelines.