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Woman untouched when tree crashes onto car with her inside

Betty Drawdy says she's thankful to be alive after frightening incident

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A woman was untouched when a large water oak tree came crashing down on top of her small car while she was inside it.

The woman, Betty Drawdy, told News4Jax on Friday that's she happy to be alive after the tree crushed her Honda Civic Thursday as she was pulling out of a driveway at a friend's house in the Jacksonville Heights area of the Westside. 

"I was getting ready to put it in reverse and I heard a 'boom,'" she said. "I looked around and my whole car was shot down."

Fortunately, Drawdy said, she was not injured and she was the only person inside the car. But she said if she had moved the car a second sooner, she could have been seriously injured. 

"I said, 'Thank you, Lord,'" Drawdy said.

The homeowner, Sam Shuman, said the water oak tree is roughly 100 years old.

“One limb hit the windshield and the other limb hit the back window and she was right in the middle," Shuman explained.

Drawdy said she feels lucky because her car can be replaced, but her life can't.

“I ask God each day to let me see each day through his eyes. And that’s how I saw it," she said. "I didn’t see it as an accident being scared, all I saw was, 'Thank you, Lord. I’ve got another day here.'"

On Friday, Drawdy was still waiting to hear whether her car was totaled. But she said she doesn’t mind if she has to get a new car. 

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