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Family, friends hold vigil for 19-year-old shot to death

Family of Joerod Adams says he was no gang member

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla, – Dozens of family and friends of Joerod Adams, 19, gathered outside Raines High School Saturday evening to mourn his loss and celebrate his life with candles, balloons and his framed photo.

The impromptu memorial was led by the grandfather of Adams, Leroy Murphy, who said his grandson was not in any gang and police should have protected him while outside the gates of the football field.

"They should have had security out here. And my grandson, shouldn’t have been dead on the ground for six hours," said Murphy.

Adams was shot and killed Friday night right after a football game at Raines High School. Two other teens were also shot but are expected to recover. 

Jacksonville police said they believe the shooting was gang-related and Adams was one of the targets.

"He was not a gang member. Maybe the guy who shot him was, but my grandson was not a gang member. Let that be known, Murphy said.

As far as the person or people who shot and killed his grandson.

"Somebody gotta come forward. There was too many people here last night for them to not know, to not see something. Follow your heart to do the right thing. Turn that sucker in. You understand. Turn him in we don’t want no repercussions. Cause he got plenty of focus. We’re trying to keep the peace," said Murphy. "Whoever you are. I hope you got the heart turn yourself in. You know. All this killing that’s going on, you all need to stop."