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Jacksonville police searching for man who stole packages from apartment

Police warn of posting videos of delivery thefts before reporting it

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Have you seen this man? The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office hopes you can help them track him down. He's wanted for stealing two packages delivered to a second-floor apartment on Broward Road around 10 p.m. on July 15.

Officials with JSO released this picture captured from a video camera that was installed in the doorbell of the apartment. The merchandise stolen is valued at $75.

While in this case Jacksonville investigators have released the video shot, they warn against posting any video of similar thefts to social media until after reporting it to police.

"We don’t want the bad guy to know he’s wanted, because then he is going to go on the run. So it is pretty significant to contact police, give police the video and time to work the investigation. Then if police feel they are at a dead end, then they are going to release it to the public," said Officer Melissa Bujeda.  

She said there are several reasons for calling police right away if you've been a victim of theft.

"Our city is very big and a lot of times apartment complexes are targeted.  They see the UPS trucks in the apartment complex, and they can go to these doors and just start picking up packages," said Bujeda. "It maybe a pattern we are trying to follow, their might already be a warrant out for his arrest."

Stealing delivered packages is just one type of crime that can be caught on residential video recording devices, and releasing that footage to the public before giving it to police could become dangerous in some cases, according to authorities.

"We have had incidents where video has been released in another crime, when they release the video and sometimes (it's) a violent crime or a robbery, and we are not ready for it to go out. You are putting the victim sometimes in harm’s way. They know who released the video. Everybody is scared, and it’s just alarming," Bujeda said.

If you are considering buying a security camera for your home or apartment, the Sheriff's Office has some advice.

"People think, ‘Oh I got video, I got video.’ As you can see, a lot of the video we put out is not that great. Sometimes it is just a gray blob on the screen. It is not great video. So we urge people who are going to buy a system to make sure the video is clear and good and there’s a light for it," said Bujeda. "That makes a huge difference for us in solving your crime. We can actually see a face, see who it is versus a gray screen."  

If you buy items online a lot, you may also want to consider buying a lock box that you can put out in front of your doorway. Amazon also offers a service now where they can go just inside your door to drop off packages.

If you're unsure of that idea, JSO advises you reach out to your neighbors for help.

"If you are purchasing something very expensive online and not just a $5-$10 item being delivered, think about that. Find a neighbor who is going to be home, have it delivered to their house," said Bujeda. 

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