Could Buc-ee's be coming to Nassau County, too?

Giant convenience store, gas station in talks with county officials


NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. – A new big business could be coming to Nassau County.

Buc-ee's, a mega convenience store and gas station, already has plans to set roots in St. Johns County, and Nassau County is also on its radar.

The Texas-based company also has plans to open a location in Daytona off I-95.

A few months ago, St. Johns County citizens were at odds with the county over a Buc-ee's coming to I-95 at the International Golf Parkway exit.

After protests and public meetings, the Buc-ee's will still come to St. Johns County.

Buc-ee's hasn't formally submitted any paperwork but has been in talks with the Nassau County's Development Review Committee.

The store would be off I-95 at State Road 200, headed toward Callahan, and would bring in 60-100 jobs.

County officials said Buc-ee's wants a traffic light but would have to go through the Florida Department of Transportation for that. It also wants a huge sign, which the county likely wouldn't allow.

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