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Inland storms fade tonight, coastal showers push onshore again tomorrow

Jacksonville's weather forecst looks wet for the next few days

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – We saw downpours in our I-95 counties around lunch, with the most notable rain in northern St. Johns and into clay counties. A slow moving thunderstorms with booming thunder developed over the Southside of Jacksonville and stretched down into St. Johns county. Its slow forward motion to the South and West made for heavy rainfall totals in those areas.

As we progress through the evening expect chances for rain to shift further inland, making for a warm and dry evening for our coastal counties. The inland storms fade tonight.

Overnight, expect clearing skies and muggy temperatures working down into the mid to low 70s. 

Tuesday will look very similar to Monday, weather-wise. Expect showers in the late morning to mid day in our coastal counties, pushing inland for the afternoon and evening hours. Expect 50% chances to see these passing showers as they push westward. 

Wednesday we still lean towards showers pushing westward across our area, initially in our I-95 counties and eventually in our I-75 counties. Expect 50% chances to see a passing shower on Wednesday, earlier in our coastal counties and later in our inland counties.

Thursday and Friday will be drier. Expect partly cloudy skies and hot temperatures, climbing into the low 90s. We will see isolated, 30% chances to see an afternoon storm.

Saturday looks like the wetter day of the weekend, with 50% chances for afternoon storms. Sunday looks drier, with only 30% chances to see afternoon storms.

​Hourly Forecast:
3 pm 89 - 30%
6 pm 86 - 20%
8 pm 83 - 10%
10 pm 81 - 10%

Sunrise: 7:00 am
Sunset: 7:55 pm