Showers develop over inland counties, coastal rain moves north

Jacksonville's weather forecast looks drier as we head into the weekend


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Today was gray and damp for most areas, with light to moderate coastal showers scraping our I-95 counties on their way North. It was a different day over inland counties, with dry, sunny, & hot conditions until the later afternoon storms broke out.

Tonight the inland storms will fade around sunset as we start to cool off a tad. ​Expect muggy conditions overnight with temperatures getting down into the mid to low 70s. 

Wednesday we will see temperatures climbing into the upper 80s. The light, Easterly winds continue and so will our pattern of late morning to midday showers in our I-95 counties, meandering inland for the afternoon and evening hours. Expect a 50% chance to see the passing showers.

Thursday we will dry out a bit. Expect partly cloudy skies and afternoon temperatures climbing into the low 90s. We will see 30% chances for passing showers. 

The slightly drier forecast sticks around through the weekend, with 30 and 40% chances for showers.

The tropics have been quiet, unusually quiet for us so far, click here to read about what the models are hinting at developing next week


Hourly Forecast:
3 pm 88 - 40%
6 pm 86 - 40%
8 pm 83 - 20%
10 pm 81 - 10%

Sunrise: 7:01 am
Sunset: 7:54 pm​

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