Panther sighting solves mystery of missing Florida farm animals

Family concerned after 2 goats, 2 pigs disappear, panther spotted

Jenn Cooper, Monarch Farms FL.
Jenn Cooper, Monarch Farms FL.

NAPLES, Fla. – A Florida woman is on edge after she found a panther running through her yard.

Jenn Cooper, who owns Cooper Monarch Farms in Naples, was devastated after two goats and two pigs went missing from her farm.

She was hoping they had wandered off or maybe someone stole them and would bring them back. But those theories came to an end when they spotted the wild panther prowling around in the daylight. 

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Cooper made this Facebook post to the "Lost Animals of Collier County FL" public group, in hopes they would be found. 

"Missing goats Buddy and GiGi. Will come when their names are called. They are our pets. Hoping they weren't stolen and maybe got out of the fence instead. Immokalee and Randal area." 


She later made another post, which seemed to solve the mystery. 

"Now we know our goats didn’t get stolen... by a human at least. I’ve never seen a panther that big before. Right outside our back door in the day time hours when we are usually out tending the farm," the post read. 

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According to the FWC, Florida panthers are solitary and elusive, meaning sightings in such a public area are rare, and definitely memorable.

The family is now taking precautionary measures to keep the animals, and themselves, safe. 

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