FPL seeks extension of voluntary solar program


Florida Power & Light asked state regulators Friday to extend a program in which customers can voluntarily pay $9 a month to boost small-scale solar energy projects.

The program was approved as a three-year pilot in 2014 and was extended through 2018.

The proposal filed Friday at the Florida Public Service Commission seeks approval to extend the program through December 2019.

The filing said 32,848 customers were enrolled in the program through June 30.

The program has supported installation of 84 solar structures, with an additional 53 under construction. The solar structures are installed on such things as rooftops and covered walkways and are in locations such as parks, zoos and schools, the filing said.

FPL is limited to spending 20 percent of the customers’ payments on marketing and administrative expenses.

“The VSP (voluntary solar partnership) Program is successfully increasing visibility and awareness of solar energy through customer engagement and the strategic installation of program facilities,” the filing said.