Victim, witnesses call 911 calls after Landing shooting

Calls include man shot, good Samaritan who helped another

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – One of the calls made to 911 just moments after a deadly mass shooting at the Jacksonville Landing include a man who was wounded and struggling to find help.

"I have been shot in my shin," the man is heard telling dispatch. "I need someone to hurry up because I am losing feeling in my leg."

The dispatcher sends Jacksonville Fire Rescue crews his way as police officers and firefighters swarm the Landing. He managed to walk blocks to the CSX Transportation Building on Water Street before calling for help.

"I'm not dying, I'm just really hurt right now," he said.

After a little more than a minute, sirens can be heard in the background of the phone call as first responders approach. Soon after, paramedics arrive to help.

"They are here. They are here," the man said. "Thank you."

LISTEN: Man shot calls 911 | Good Samaritan helps man shot

Nearby, another man called 911 after he rushed to the aid of someone who was shot from behind.

"He is breathing," the man tells dispatch. "But I'm pretty sure in a minute it's not going to go good for him."

Unsure of who even shot the man, the good Samaritan took instructions from the dispatcher to help control the bleeding. Rescuers arrived within five minutes.

Both men who were shot survived. A total of 11 people were injured in the shooting.

Elijah "Eli" Clayton, 22, and Taylor Robertson, 27, were killed in the shooting. Both were gamers who were competing in a Madden tournament Sunday at the Good Luck Have Fun Gaming Bar inside Chicago Pizza.

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