Chicago Pizza employee recounts horror of mass shooting

Cook describes Sunday's scene as a nightmare, says he's thankful to be alive

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – While the Jacksonville Landing is open for business after Sunday's mass shooting at Chicago Pizza in which a gunman opened fire in a game room killing three, including himself and leaving several others wounded, the restaurant remains closed.

Chicago Pizza cook Braheem Johnson was on duty when the shooting began at the Good Luck Have Fun game room inside the restaurant Sunday afternoon.

"I don’t know what came over my mind, so I started to say to myself, you’re not going to beat me in the kitchen. I’ve got machetes, knives and hot grease," Johnson said. 

Police say David Katz, a gamer from the Baltimore area, armed himself with two guns before heading to Jacksonville for the Madden 19 tournament. Johnson said when Katz didn’t win, he got upset. 

"I guess he lost the tournament the day before and he came back to finish it or whatever, and he left out of the store and came back in with a gun. From my understanding, he asked where’s the dude who beat him? Everybody said he left and Katz opened fire," Johnson said.

Although Johnson is shaken up, he said he’s thankful he made it out alive to raise his children.

Chicago Pizza is closed right now. Our I-Team has found failed inspections. Johnson says he expects the business to re-open soon.