Storms fire up over inland counties, fade after sunset

Jacksonville's weather forecast looks increasingly wet for Labor Day weekend


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – We've seen a few isolated coastal showers push onshore, but so far we are shaping up a tad drier than the previous days. We expect a few more isolated coastal showers and scattered inland storms this afternoon into the early evening hours. Storms along I-75 may linger into the later evening hours.

Overnight expect partial clearing and muggy temperatures sinking down into the mid to low 70s. 

Saturday starts out with partly cloudy skies. We will see isolated showers moving onshore in our coastal counties during the late morning to midday time period. As they are push westward, they will grow in size and intensity. Expect scattered storms over inland counties during the afternoon and evening hours. Afternoon temperatures will top out in the upper 80s and low 90s. 

Sunday starts out with partly cloudy skies and a few isolated coastal showers pushing into our coastal counties by the midday. Expect more widespread showers and thunderstorms pushing inland throughout the afternoon and evening hours. I am worried about a few storms swiping the stadium during the opening acts, but by the time Kid Rock starts (7-ish) the storms should begin to fade, which will set the stage for Lynyrd Skynyrd to take the stage with little threat from storms after that. 

Monday looks like it will have the most widespread afternoon storms of the three day weekend. Expect a partly sunny start with coastal showers wandering onshore and proliferating over inland counties during the afternoon hours. 

Next week looks soggy, specifically during the afternoon and early evening hours. 


Tropical Depression Six has formed 70miles south-southwest of the Southernmost Cabo Verde Islands. The maximum sustained winds are at 35mph. Six is moving to the West at 15mph.​

Locally we are watching an area of low pressure that has a slight chance of formation over the Gulf early next week.

Hourly Forecast:
3 pm 89 - 20%
6 pm 86 - 20%
8 pm 83 - 10%
10 pm 81 - 10%

Sunrise: 7:02 am
Sunset: 7:50 pm​

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