Beautiful sunset this evening, showers return tomorrow

Jacksonville's weather forecast looks soggy at times Thursday


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Today we saw slightly drier weather, with more isolated showers wandering onshore thanks to drier air pushed over our area from the easterly winds. The easterly winds are also pushing blue button jellies onto our area beaches, you can read about that and see a few pictures by clicking here

Tonight the sunset should be pretty with fewer showers and clouds. Expect the easterly winds to fade after sunset. We will see partly cloudy skies, light winds, and overnight temperatures sinking down into the low 70s overnight. 

Thursday the rain returns. Easterly winds will push coastal showers and even an isolated thunderstorm onshore into our I-95 counties during the morning and midday hours. The showers will spread inland during the afternoon and early evening hours. Overall chances to get rained on tomorrow are 40%. Afternoon highs will reach the upper 80s under increasingly more cloudy skies. Winds will be out of the East between 10 and 15 mph.

Friday expect more of the same, with the potential for overnight showers and thunderstorms over the Atlantic being pushed onshore during the morning to midday. Inland counties will see afternoon and early evening showers and storms. Expect 40% chances for rain and afternoon highs in the upper 80s. 

Saturday and Sunday the easterly winds weaken slightly. Expect good chances for rain Saturday (60%) and decent chances for showers on Sunday (40%.) 

Beach and Boating:  A moderate risk of Rip Currents today as the onshore flow continues. 

Tropics: Hurricane Florence now looks like it could threaten the East coast of the US late next week into the following weekend. All long term forecast models show Florence potentially making landfall from the Carolinas North. We will keep you updated. Click here to read about the next system that we expect to develop into Helene.

Hourly Forecast:
3 pm 89 - 20%
6 pm 86 - 20%
8 pm 83 - 10%
10 pm 81 -10%

Sunrise: 7:05 am
Sunset: 7:44 pm​​​


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