2 tropical depressions to watch in the tropics

What will become Helene and Isaac developing in the Atlantic


JACKOSNVILLE, Fla. – While all eyes are on Florence, the next two systems you need to be watching are showing signs of development. Of the two, the first to develop into a Tropical Storm will be named Helene and the second to develop will be named Isaac. 


Tropical Depression 9 is swirling over the open Atlantic right now.  Satellite images indicate that the circulation of a low pressure system located about 650 miles west of the Cabo Verde Islands is gradually becoming better defined.  In addition, the associated showers and thunderstorms remain fairly concentrated near the center.  Nine will move slowly westward across the tropical Atlantic Ocean.

Tropical Depression 8 is just off of the coastline of Africa.  Satellite imagery and surface observations indicate that the area of low pressure has developed a closed circulation that appears to be well defined. 


The system is expected to be a tropical storm near the southern Cabo Verde Islands soon, advisories initiated on this system Friday afternoon, and a tropical storm warning has been issued for those islands.

Early long term forecast models keep Tropical Depression 8 out over the Atlantic, not venturing towards the U.S. 

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