Another crash at accident-prone Westside intersection

City conducts study, finds 9 crashes in 5 years

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The City of Jacksonville is working to improve a Westside intersection prone to crashes, though some say the changes aren't soon enough as another crash happened Thursday morning, according to a neighbor.

Shattered glass from the most recent crash was still at the intersection of Melson and Broadway avenues when News4Jax arrived in the evening.

Wanda Corbitt said she and her family have seen a countless number of crashes at the intersection, including Thursday morning's crash and another just a block away that happened moments before she spoke with News4Jax.

"I have two grandchildren ... their mother will not let them go outside and play in the front yard because she’s so afraid that somebody is going to run through that fence, which they’ve done three times already.”

The mother Corbitt spoke of, Amanda Crews, has seen more crashes outside her home than many have seen in their life time. She's seen several cars flipped or mangled in crashes over the past three years.


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Corbitt blamed the crashes on a combination of speeding along Melson Avenue and obstructions.

“Somebody’s going to get killed. That’s my biggest concern, if the city doesn't do something to get people’s attention," Corbitt said.

Crews hoped the city would install speed bumps or a stoplight, however, the city sent News4Jax a statement a week after our initial report, indicating no stoplight will be added to the intersection:

Per Traffic Engineering (TE), a preliminary study has been conducted at the intersection of Melson Avenue and Broadway Avenue. TE determined that signalization is not warranted at the intersection based on available traffic counts and crash data. Traffic volumes in the area are relatively low and crash reports show nine (9) crashes in the past five years. This data does not meet minimum requirements for signal installation based on FHWA's Manual on Uniform Traffic Studies: Signal Warrant Analysis.

TE conducted a field visit on 8/30 and has decided to make the following safety enhancements: 

  • Install pavement edge line markings on Melson Avenue through the intersection. This will guide vehicles towards the center of Melson Avenue to improve visibility for drivers stopped on Broadway Avenue.
  • Trim tree branches obscuring the STOP AHEAD sign for eastbound traffic.
  • Install a larger STOP sign (36”x36”) to improve visibility for eastbound traffic. 
  • TE will work with the Landscape and Mowing Division to trim tree limbs within city right of way in the northeast quadrant to improve visibility for westbound traffic.
  • Corbitt believes the city's actions aren't enough and also wants to see a traffic light and speed bumps.

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